Hi I’m Megan, a native Washingtonian and I consider myself an “eventer”. “Eventer” in quotations because even though I have been riding most of my 30+ years I have competed in exactly zero recognized events. Over the years people have taken pity on me and I’ve been able to attend the rare clinic or schooling show on either lesson horses or a friend’s horse. Despite my distinct lack of actual eventing, that’s where my heart lies and I am just going to keep on trying to get there.


All my babies. All filthy. 

I have OPINIONS on pretty much everything, am hypercritical of myself (is this like a universal horse girl thing?), prefer animals to people and it has been suggested I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. My first horse was the sweetest and cutest Joey who was euthanized after a slew of health problems that were not resolvable in January of 2017. Then of course there is Phoebe, current star of the show, and last but not least is the anxiety ridden Sunny, my pug mix who thoroughly enjoys rolling in chicken poop and sleeping under the covers on top of my legs.