Day in the life

5:30am-I wander in the barn in my jammies, take off Phoebes sheet and put on our borrowed BOT cooler, I plug in the arena light (yes, singular), and we walk around in a pre coffee (me)/pre breakfast (her) stupor for ten minutes. Once the timer goes off, we go back in, put the sheet back on, pick feet and Phoebe does her own hind leg stretches, then into her stall to await breakfast service.

This fits right?

6:00am-Sheri wanders into the barn also in jammies (benefits of keeping the ponies at home!) and they all get breakfast (hay and grain). If you are a Phoebe, proceed to paw incessantly and earn “last one fed” spot due to being the most annoying. Watch in a jealous rage as Donny and Wake get their rainsheets taken off for the day while you stay clothed. Grey horses who roll in mud and need to keep their injured butt warm have to wear sheets.

7:00am-5:00pm- Spend the majority of the day out in your run, generally standing at the fence talking to Wake and rolling. If it’s pouring rain, stand in your stall with your head and neck staring out so you get as soaking wet as you can.

Hiding behind me like a dork.

6:00pm-Walk again, depending on mood either spook constantly and get away from me several times or follow me like a lamb, trying to rest your head on my back the whole time. There is no in between. A real quick curry and more leg stretches then back in the stall.

Just a quick curry … right?

6:30pm-More hay and grain for all ponies. Much pawing by Phoebe. She will NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

7:00pm-Maid (me) comes to clean the stall, which is normally not so messy except SOMEONE loves to play in her water so under the buckets there is always an excessive amount of nasty wet crap that needs to be shoveled out. Water is dumped out and buckets scrubbed daily since, again, SOMEONE, is great at making her water disgusting and brown over the course of a single day.

7:30pm- It’s lights out and time for bed.

Middle 20m is lit, one end is dim, other end is black. I use the whole thing

Now when Phoebe isn’t on no turnout/no riding obviously there is no handwalking involved and she gets around 2+ hours of turnout in the big pastures with the other horses a day. They all have very large runs that they have 24 hour access to so no one is ever shut in the stall unless its vet ordered. If I am riding (soon I hope!) then I usually get on around 6:30 and am all done with barn stuff by 8pm. This time of year is rough, I leave in the dark, I get home in the dark, 75% of the time it’s raining… Just. ugh. Though usually it’s just the transition into the dark and rainy season that is the worst. I just need to acclimate. And try to get different hours so my hour long commute isn’t a literal hour anymore.


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