What’s the story, morning glory

We have a tentative diagnosis. And I (along with my bank account) got lucky, no nerve blocking, ultrasound or other injecting was needed. Phoebe strained her butt. Likely doing something in turnout like the athletic ding dong she is.

Phoebe was a pro for the flexions, trotting off completely sound except on the right hind when my vet flexed the stifle out behind her (which would strain the affected gluteal muscles) and even then it was still a slight gait abnormality. The discomfort was mainly visible on the lunge in the transition into and out of the canter, getting worse as the appointment went on and the muscles showed more fatigue.

Little Miss Piggy over here. Why do all grey horses insist on being so filthy??

For the next week she gets 2g of bute a day, twice daily handwalks and gentle stretching for at least three weeks and no turnout. However she can still have 24 hour access to her very large run as long as there are no shenanigans. Which may mean she will be getting shut in her stall with a flake of distraction hay while the boys have their turnout. Next week I will check in with my vet about how the bute went and we will go from there.

The good? Ummm all of it pretty much. This is super minor, the treatment is so simple (time and handwalking), Phoebe lives at home so walking her twice a day involves no back and forth commuting to the barn or begging/paying someone to do one of her handwalks. I do the pm feeding so there will never be a question of whether she got her bute or not. And hey, a good time to play my favorite ground work game, old man young man. Basically I walk real slow and shuffly, like an older person, then pick up the pace and march forward like a young person and she needs to walk with me, not lagging behind or charging ahead.

The bad?

Too early for this shit

Due to my stupid hour long commute, in order to get in two handwalks a day I now need to wake up at 5:30am. As a non morning person anytime before 6am that is not related to a horse show just seems….horrific. Somehow I will just have to survive it.



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