Still NQR

This makes it over a week with no improvement in that right hind. I don’t think it’s an abscess at this point but I could of course be wrong.

At the trot Phoebe is very stabby with her right hind, and in the canter transition she holds that leg up for an extra second. She has also been pretty clear that she doesn’t feel right. Normally she is always eager to be worked, now she makes grouch faces and turns and walks away from me when she sees the halter. I have only been throwing her on the lunge for a quick 2 minute soundness check every other day or so.

More baking therapy. I have dreams of Martha Stewart quality xmas cookies

Luckily there is no heat or swelling anywhere so hopefully whatever she did is minor. The vet comes out tomorrow to check her out. Blerg.

In the meantime I have ridden Donny a few times to practice my 2pt, only reminding me how much harder it is to practice when Donny doesn’t stay nicely forward. I guess it will only make me stronger right?

In a non emergent situation, how long does everyone else wait until the call the vet? Are there some things you wait longer on and other issues that make you have the vet out ASAP?

7 thoughts on “Still NQR

  1. Well, I’m super paranoid and need to know everything right away, so I would call the vet asap. BUT, I’m weird like that, and it doesn’t sound like an emergency. It could be something simple like a stone bruise.


  2. My vet used to have me note when my horse was lame and then call him back in a week if horse was still the same amount of lame or sooner if worse. I used to just ask my farrier to check first since he’d do hoof testers and dig around for me for free since he was my neighbor.


  3. Ugh I’m sorry 😦 I tend to be pretty zen about holding off on the vet unless it’s like… A punctured joint, fever, colic that doesn’t improve after a dose of banamine, or some sort of obvious trauma, or if I need rads or something (but even then I usually try to give it some time). It just depends, ya know? Like what will the vet find that will change my current course of action – is there some prescription I need that I don’t already have? Or do I need help in deciding on treatment? But then again sometimes I just need answers and don’t mind paying for them. Hopefully whatever the case Phoebe feels better asap!!!!


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