Ugh, that’s like, SO lame

Whomp whomp. It’s nothing serious, but it IS annoying and just. Oh well.

Phoebe was reshod on Wednesday, and she was trimmed differently at the training barn then how I (and my farrier) prefer. They had her in 00 shoes and they were pressing on her bars and just….wasn’t my favorite. At any rate, I expected a little foot tenderness so she got a few days off.

Not the worst shoeing, but still getting real close to the frog on the right

Then Saturday I noticed there was a little blood on her coronet when I was tacking up. An abscess draining out before there were any signs she had one? Entirely possible.

But…where’s the pus?

She was a little off on the lunge but nothing drastic so I hopped on for a nice easy walk around.

Sunday Phoebes still looked a little ouchy in turnout so I did some baking therapy instead.

Not too shabby for my first attempt at royal icing

Fingers crossed this week brings happier feet.


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