RIP Toggi’s.

In 2011 I went to England with my then boyfriend to celebrate his Grandmother’s 90th birthday. Of course, while I was there a big priority was finding and spending $ at a tack shop. Duh.

So there I was, in Exeter, at some tiny tack shop that I’ve long since forgotten the name of, trying on Dubarry style boots. They did not sell anything made by Dubarry (see: in England, Dubarry is an Irish brand…) however they had plenty of Toggi’s. I needed (wanted?) a pair of insulated, cute, waterproof mucking around boots, I was there, they fit (sorta) so it was a done deal. I came home with a pair of slightly too big Toggi Quebec boots, size easily remedied by putting in some cheap insoles.

Oh to be young and perky

Over the next six years I proceeded to trash the shit out of them. They were worn on hikes, at horse shows, at the barn, WORKING at a barn, sometimes riding, bathing horses/dogs, in the snow, walking the dog, and on and on and on. They were cleaned zero times unless you count walking through water complexes and the occasional hosing off.

They served me well. 

And now they’re dead. The first signs of any wear was last winter, when the lining of the right boot started to tear, causing my heel to get stuck when I pulled them off. No biggie, I just was careful how I pulled my foot out. Then the same thing happened on the left boot. And then, the nail in the coffin. There is a hole in the seam of the ankle on the right one, and the left one is no longer sealed completely where the boot meets the sole. Waterproof no longer.

Damn you hole. 

There is a void left that I just don’t know how to fill. What am I supposed to wear in the barn now? The corpses of my Toggi’s mock me in my house. Laying there as cruel reminders of the recent past when I had proper footgear for chores in a wet, wet climate.

HELP ME! I am reluctant to buy the same ones again because I didn’t find a great size the first go ’round and I don’t really want to deal with overseas shipping. I am hesitant to buy Dublin’s only because I know of several people who’s boots only lasted a year. I need something reasonably priced, that will hold up to neglect, and stay waterproof for two plus years….


Any genius ideas?

10 thoughts on “RIP Toggi’s.

  1. Dublin River Boots….have had mine going on 4 years, I don’t really take care of them and they still look awesome. Got mine for a steal during a RW sale, they come in wide calf too!


  2. Don’t get Ariats! The one that look like Dublins/Dubarrys. I bought a pair last October and they lasted 6 months (and 2 of those months P was at the sale barn so I didn’t even wear them) before I couldn’t get my feet in and out of them due to the insides ripping. I have Dublins now and so far so good.


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