Babies on trails take two

Sunday the big red dude, Sheri’s “divorce horse” Wake, got his turn on the trails. He came off the track in late December and has been rehabbing from a minor bowed tendon since then. Now that we are right around the 9 month mark post injury it’s time to start slowly ramping up his workload and easing out of “walk endlessly rehab” to “learn how to be a non racing riding horse”.

Hey guys, take me!!! Complete with giant smear of grapes on her side.

So ya know, the trails. Wake (much like Phoebe) had a perfect lead up to his big outing which included two weeks of only getting his feet picked out and approximately zero riding prior. Sounds ideal, right? I know, Sheri and I are so sane.

The plan was much the same as with Phoebe. We would bring Donny (for me to ride), show up to the park, let Wake have a look around, do a little lunge and assess from there. If he needed to be handwalked down the trails, then we would do that. If he was too overwhelmed and just needed to work a bit in the arenas, sat on and then have that be done, then fine. If the big guy was up to the challenge, then we would head out for a quick jaunt down the trails with me on Donny ponying Sheri on Wake. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. No pressure, no goals other then “go somewhere, sit on Wake, go home”.

Yeah. This dude. That’s the only way really to describe the big red guy. He is such a DUDE. Everything is so ho-hum sure thing, ok with him. So simple and non reactive. Wake was a total champ. From loading, to taking in the sights, tying to the trailer, all of it. Acted like an old pro.

Sheri opted to lunge in the roundpen since Wake has only lunged maybe five times in his life? And we figured having the rail would only help reinforce the “go in a circle and don’t fall over because you can’t balance yet and aren’t quite sure where all the legs go”.

After minimal flailing (seriously, he doesn’t balance on a circle yet) he seemed so nonchalant that we just went ahead and hit the trail. Though we did take a different trail this time, the one we took with Phoebe was very narrow and had the logs and bridge, a lot more “stuff” that can wait until Wake is more used to this whole trail riding thing. He was seriously a champ. Just calmly marched along next to Donny, was looking around interestedly but no giraffing and no snorting of any kind.


I have a feeling he is going to be dead easy to retrain. If the bow heals as it should (no reason to think otherwise) Wake is gonna make one cool event horse.


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