Looking for the good

In a week that was overflowing with issues in my personal life there was one bright spot. I learned how to fold a fitted sheet! I mean, I had to YouTube it and watch the video several times but, I did it. That’s some next level adulting right there you guys.

Coping mechanism: chocolate mousse cake on my fav cockroach plate

Ok fine that wasn’t the highlight. I mean it did happen and I am super impressed with my sheet folding abilities but the saving grace all week was Phoebe. Fun fact, the name Phoebe is a latinized version of the Greek, Phoibe, meaning bright one. Living up to the meaning of her name indeed.

Every day she just keeps being her best self and (here’s hoping I don’t jinx myself) she hasn’t had a truly bad day in almost a month. She just shows up and tries her hardest to do what my fumbling amateur self asks and my confidence is slowly growing.

On Saturday Sheri and I loaded up her trail pony extraordinaire Donny and Phoebe for a little trip out into the great wide open. This was after some ill advised drowning of sorrows in to entirely too much wine the night before and I was…..feeling some after effects. Also Phoebe hadn’t been ridden in two days. So you know, pretty good prep for her first outing with me. OH, and I don’t know if she ties to the trailer (still don’t, we didn’t attempt it). You know, proper preparation prevents piss poor performances and all.


We are pretty lucky in that there are several state parks within a 20 minute drive that have both trails and arenas open to the public. Perfect for the pre ride lunge to assess the mental state of the grey lady. I came prepared with all lunging gear, a rope halter if we needed to just be led down the trail behind Donny, extra lead ropes for ponying if we were up to it, and of course, the xc vest.

When we unloaded there was a group of kids on Shetlands having a pony ride and oh man, Phoebe grew about 3 inches and would not stop staring at them. I mean, I get it, those things are tiny demons masquerading as equines. A very giraffe style handwalk around while Sheri tacked up Donny, then we “tied” Phoebe to the trailer and tacked her up.

Another handwalk around the arena to check it all out, a practically lazy spin on the lunge and we all got on and Sheri and Donny ponied us down the trail. There was some confused swinging haunches, a little hopping, but no real spooks, and it didn’t feel like I was sitting on a stick of dynamite. So major win right there. We managed a pretty narrow trail (too narrow to ride side by side), a wooden bridge with running water underneath, and then she started to hit her limit. There was some minor attempts at backwards running into the brush and a little rear, so that seemed as good a time as any to dismount while it was still my choice.

That’s the face of one brave pony!

So moral of the story, being too emotionally drained and hungover is the key to exuding the zen vibe currently needed hahaha. I am over the moon with her. She just keeps on surprising me in all the best ways you guys. My bright one.


12 thoughts on “Looking for the good

  1. I gave up on fitted sheets a long time ago. And I refuse to try again so good for you! That is Adulting Level 500+. Yay for you & Phoebe! Want to go on a hunter pace with us? Bahahahaha


    • Omg hahaha I can picture it now, you and P come out here (naturally), we hit the trails and never make it out of the woods. Since I can’t think of a trail out here that doesn’t have some sort of water/puddle crossing. But don’t worry, we can just build P a shed/paddock out there and he can just stay forever.


  2. my key to folding fitted sheets? never owning more than one set at any given time so no folding is ever needed!! lol jkjk (…sorta).

    glad it was such a positive outing with Phoebe!! one step at a time!


    • Oh see I like to have a few sets of sheets so that I can allow both my clean and dirty laundry to have an ample rest time before any action is taken. Thus, getting the laundry done is never urgent.


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