Tell me how you REALLY feel


My girl.

My sweet sweet, desperate to please pony. The mare who has not once ever pinned her ears at me or another horse. Never has she tried to nip me or even threaten.

Until last night.

She was clearly having A DAY. She got some hay when I got home from work and then I went back outside to tack her up and throw her on the lunge before I decided how much riding I would do. The little grey devil gave me her best attempt at #mareglare and threatened to nip me! To be clear, her attempt was pretty mild. I mean the ears were kind of back? And the nipping was about a mile away from me, just for her this was some serious grouch face.

Image result for stephanie tanner how rude gif

Phoebe was just on one all night too. It wasn’t a matter of anxiety or spooking at stuff, she was just plain old pissy and not focusing on me or what I was asking. It took some effort to keep her out on the circle, when she knows damn well that turning in and getting too close to me is NOT OKAY. She even included some of my favorite moves of hers that I haven’t seen in awhile, such as bucking the stirrups literally off of my saddle. Yep, was not going to be a good day to try and push anything so we just had some reminders at the mounting block about how nice horses stand still and don’t swing their hindquarters out, I hopped on and we stood there for a minute until she softened, then She got major praise and I got off and called it a night.

To be fair Phoebe’s in heat and has had less turnout then usual for the past few days which clearly has taken its toll! I just have to remember that when she has off days I still need to find something that she can do successfully and earn praise. All work and no praise makes Phoebe a dull girl and all that.

4 thoughts on “Tell me how you REALLY feel

    • I find myself constantly saying “I accept you for who you are Phoebe, your feelings are valid” hahahaha. For real though I never imagined I’d have a mare but ya know, free horse and all…couldn’t afford to be picky on gender!


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