The West Coast is on fire

There are over 75 wildfires still burning in my state and that doesn’t include the fires in BC, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana and Utah. It is quite literally raining ash in Seattle and the surrounding areas and I am dying. The news is predicting many of the fires will be burning through October. Ugh.

Bored dog stuck inside

The big vet clinics have warnings out to avoid exercising your horses and I can’t even clean a single stall without having coughing fits to the point of near vomiting for over an hour after. So needless to say Phoebe and I have just been staring at each other with runny noses in boredom and frustration all week.


Put the treats here please.

Also I still have no internet, they came out but apparently there is something wrong with the wiring at the street? I don’t know, but supposedly Century Link will be out to fix it “soon”, whatever that means.


This post has been a whine. Here’s hoping for rain and internet by Monday.

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