Home again home again!

The grey lady is home! So far things are going super! But alas I am in the middle of unexpectedly changing internet providers so I am without access until middle of next week, when I will be able to give some more in depth updates.


Drove up to get her, none of my stuff was missing (yay!) and she loaded and hauled like a champ. Got off the trailer at home, stood like a giraffe for half a second, then just immediately settled in, ignoring Wake in lieu of hay. That’s my girl.


Food > Wake


Lunged in surcingle and side reins, she was foot perfect, even with Wake and Donny pacing the fence.


Auntie Jean comes for a massage, I unload to her about all my frustrations and disappointments, she tells me to go get my breeches on and ride. I do and for the most part everything is fine!


Proof! All four on the floor and no shenanigans!



No one is home when I get there so I tell myself I won’t really “ride” but I will lunge in tack and side reins and then do some stand still at the mounting block and getting on and off practice. She left my care pretty consistently standing still for mounting. She did not come back even remotely the same in that regard so whatever, just something I need to reinstall. Once I had schooled the mounting block and was sitting on her, she seemed so calm and bored that we just did some big loopy figures around the arena at the walk.

Good pony is good



Went to the lesson barn and hacked Max around a bit. Ran out of daylight so Phoebe got the day off.

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