On this day in history (give or take)

Six years ago I had come back from a season of wildly frustrating shows on the Poopster and was feeling very down about my skills as a rider so one of the trainers at the barn wanted to give me a fun lesson to just bring my spirits up.

She put me on Berrie, a 13.1h pony (I’m 5’8″ on a short day). He was a demon 50% of the time but holy hell could he jump and the plan was to just keep on putting the jumps up until we knocked a rail. We were up to an airy 3’6 vertical and the first time I did it perfectly (well in my memory it was perfect, in reality it was more likely just average haha).

Then we came around to jump it a second time and…


We came in without the right amount of impulsion, clobbered the jump, I rolled off rather clumsily and hopped up ready to get back on and do it again the right way. Except I made a fist and one of my fingers bent the wrong direction. Like instead of curling into a nice fist my ring finger bent at almost a 90 degree angle pointing away from my thumb.



One surgery, five weeks of physical therapy later I was back in the saddle, albeit with a slight twist in the affected finger. To this day I put my contacts in with my left hand and get the most annoying blister on my ring finger where the reins lay. Such an excessive recovery for such a tiny bone. Do not recommend to any of you. Don’t break your finger, but if you do, be sure and get it on video, because this two second clip has never stopped making me laugh.

9 thoughts on “On this day in history (give or take)

  1. Girrrrrl I feel you! Broke my pinky a few years ago, and I will tell you that its the MOST annoying injury I’ve ever had! Simple things like brushing your teeth, tying shoes, buttoning pants/shirts and washing your hair are all affected, and it made me crazy that it’s such a small bone (in a small finger), and yet it’s involved in so many day-to-day activities! I may or may not have taped my fingers together to ride a few weeks after bc the splint wouldn’t fit in my gloves 😉


  2. i feel like that video needs to be a gif, #justsayin lol – it ain’t often that we get such glorious footage of ourselves biting it!!!! (i have only one or two falls on video and have definitely gone a little overboard with the slo mo haha – if you’re looking for a chuckle skip to about the 3:10 mark here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyVLpGY-G5Y).

    srsly tho, yea broken fingers are the pits. bleh.


  3. I’m sorry but I totally laughed out loud when I watched the video…then I watched it again. Agree with Emma that this needs to be a gif! But ouch, broken bones are the worst. Even worse is when the side effects hang around long after they’re healed!


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