Where there’s smoke…

If there are fellow west coasters out there I’m sure you are all very aware of what’s been going on in BC. If not, there are some major major wildfires affecting my northern neighbors. There are two main areas being affected, the bigger one being the Elephant Hill fire which is now (as of 8/2) over 80,000 hectacres, and the C10812 wildfire which is west of Quesnel over 35,000 hectacres.

Sattelite of all the smoke coming down my direction

Its pretty scary stuff, especially considering this is a looooonnnnngggg dry spell in the PNW combined with a major heat wave. Not good. Not good at all. This week the smoke has been blowing down through western Washington and you can’t escape the pink haze. It’s not great to breathe in for someone like me who has no asthma and is in generally good health (though my allergies have been acting up), but the elderly and those with breathing issues are definitely having a hard time.

I have been in contact a lot more frequently with J, because her barn is over an hour north of me, very close to the border. On Wednesday J rode and taught a full day but by the end of it was feeling pretty wiped, all horses seemed to be doing ok. Adding even more to the fun times, another (albeit much smaller) fire broke out about 15 miles from her barn. Ugh. Seems so trivial to complain about hazy smoke when there are so many for whom these fires present an immediate danger, you know? To sum up, this is scary and I want it to be under control ASAP.

On a lighter note, Thursday was “Phoebe’s best day yet!” so here’s hoping she keeps that awesome attitude for me when I go up for another lesson today!

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