Lesson: fail

There was some major derp-age happening in my Monday lesson and spoiler alert it was not the horse. (Sorry Hank for the crummy riding)


HANK!!! A face as cute as this deserves a much better ride. 

So this last weekend (and really the last few months) my life outside horses has been going through a bit of a low and frustrating time. Needless to say I have been a little foggy and my head was just NOT IN THE GAME Monday night.

So I get to the barn and am told to go tack up Hank in his dressage gear. Cool. No problemo. Trainer says to put the vienna reins on him, that he needs to build up his topline and she wants him ridden on the bit the whole time. She then looks at me and basically is like “oh well you’ll have no problems keeping him on the bit you won’t need the vienna reins.”

Yeahhhh. About ten minutes in to our actual ride (warm up over) I was sent back up to the barn to get the vienna reins. Whomp whomp. I have been riding for over two decades. I know how to get a wide variety of horses correctly on the bit. Everyone has off days though haha!

I mostly did a lot of transitions between gaits punctuated with nice stretchy walk breaks. Hank is just such a pleasant horse to ride, sure he is older and a little stiff and out of shape, but so am I! He just is a well trained good boy with nice gaits and a great attitude. Even though I was a piss poor pilot Hank forgave me with plenty of carrots and a low key lesson was just what I needed. As my trainer has been telling me since I was 11 after tough times:




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