Phoebe takes on the tarp of death and wins!

The little grey star of this whole show has had a really inconsistent late June and July with show season and a tiny injury to J. However things are starting to get more normal as J is winding down her season.

Someone stuck her nose in an unwelcoming mouth. 

I honestly think the lighter workload has been beneficial to Phoebes because she was showing some soreness through her lumbar, SI and stifles at her last chiro/accupuncture. It also was probably nice for her to have a bit of a brain break and just kind of chew on the idea that she is a riding horse in work and that there is nothing inherently terrifying or painful about that.


J seems to feel the same way because she’s been reporting nothing but awesome updates on Phoebe, it’s like a light bulb went off for her and she’s suddenly in work mode and less and less in flight mode.

What a brave and clever girl!

Monday J had a few green horses working in the arena at once, including Phoebe, so they pulled a tarp out and put some water on it to do a little desensitization work. Well guess who just walked all over it in all directions after one initial spook? When the other horses wouldn’t even get near the deadly tarp? Thatta girl Phoebes. To make her session Monday even better, J hopped on and rode her for a while and then got a phone call and sat on her chatting away while Phoebe just stood there like “a real trainer’s horse” !!!!!


Teeny needles for sensitive ponies.

Thursday she had a check up with the chiro who didn’t see any adjustments needed and just did some more accupunture (with the cat needles, obvi). There was nothing new or alarming in her findings, still sore in the lumbar, SI and stifles, however all areas showed improvement and the vet did not feel chiropractic manipulation was necessary. Hey, any improvement is good for me!


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