New faces at the farm

We have always had varying amounts of chickens here roaming around acting as funny yard art that will occasionally lay eggs. Since Sheri keeps them truly free range there is no max amount of chickens we can house, but there is the whole bobcats, hawks and coyotes living nearby that will, um, control the chicken population. Kind of a live free die young (but hopefully not that young) situation here.

Currently we have four hens. There is Buffy the Egg Layer. She is a buff Orpington and is the best chicken here, you can pick her up, pet her, she will sit in your lap, she laid the best eggs, etc. Now she is enjoying her senior years just hanging out eating bugs and leftovers in addition to her normal feed. Then there is Big D. That hen is MEAN. oh my god she is mean. She chases after the dogs, people, horses. Constantly giving anyone the hairy eyeball, we like to say it’s because she is bitter about her limp (not sure how she injured herself). Big D is a Delaware and is our most consistent layer. She even lays her eggs on the counter in the barn, which is super convenient. Lastly we have the twins, Redbeard and Blackbeard. They are Ameracuanas and only one of them is laying and she doesn’t lay every day. It’s a shame because they lay such pretty blue green eggs.

And then my dad comes in. He makes custom cabinetry and has currently been working with a few bars/restaurants in Seattle. One of the owners of the bars made an offhand comment to my dad along the lines of “oh yeah I have some chickens but the neighbors were complaining so I’ll probably just kill them and cook them up soon.” Yeahhh….. I am no vegetarian and neither is my dad but like, they have names, we have room at the farm……

So Monday night at like 9:30 my dad came over with a large dog kennel full of chickens in his truck. Enter Peaches, Pickles, Jeremy, and Henry to the farm. Two are laying and the other two I can’t tell if they have just reached maturity and just haven’t begun laying yet or if they are older and done laying totally. Either way I love them all and they are already hilarious to me even though we have them living in an empty stall for a week or so until they are a bit more acclimated.

Welcome chickies.



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