Weather assisted riding

Monday brought another lesson on good old Max the monster pony. It seems that Monday evening lessons are generally filled with the super beginner adult riders and one beginner kid, none of which have started jumping yet so it’s mainly flatwork right now. So naturally, I always tack Max up in his dressage saddle and his “fancy” bridle.

So fancy! Complete with sprinkler marks on a dusty forehead because at this barn you are expected to ride your horse through the sprinkler in the summer. 



I think I have talked before about how Max just LOVES to bulge that inside shoulder. Like loves it. I can barely keep the monster cantering on a 20 meter circle bulging! Me! The one who has been told by more than one instructor that I have an “electric seat” and that my driving aids are too strong! Yikes guys. It’s like a flashing neon sign screaming at me: hello glaring hole in my abilities/skills as a rider. This is one of the reasons I love riding as many horses as I can, they all kindly (or not so kindly!) point out to me places I need to work on to become a more “complete” rider, for lack of a better term. Someone who has many tools in the toolbox. Luckily the wind picked up right about when I started to lose the oomph in my leg and suddenly SOMEONE had some energy that I could finally work with!

Clearly owned by a girl with those pink buckets!

So my lesson mates were called into the middle of the ring and I was sent out into the field to jump some of the logs out there and gallop up the hill a few times. In a dressage saddle. Luckily I have extensive experience riding in saddles that don’t fit my leg/seat and this saddle had no thigh blocks to speak of, so away I went. Oh man you guys, it is sad, I haven’t been able to actually ride any type of XC since 2012. That was on a borrowed horse and ended with me falling off in front of an Olympian, an ambulance ride, and ultimately a minor concussion. Needless to say, I just want more.

The edge of the arena looking out on the XC field and the hill we gallop up way way in the back. There are a bunch of logs and a ditch which currently is filled with the blue barrels.

Hurry up and come home Phoebes, we’ve got cross country to learn about!


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