How did I fall down this rabbit hole?

Oh, I know, I read this post over at Viva Carlos and thought, well, I don’t have any sort of TV other then what I can stream on Netflix and Hulu so Free Rein binge here I come.


Couldn’t find a picture but hands down the real star of this show is Bob, the goofy sidekick’s Gypsy Vanner pony that is always getting into stuff.

Who am I kidding. I live for this crap. Trash TV for tween girls about horses. Complete with glaring safety issues (using your moms ancient helmet anyone??), love triangles, a mean girl, horse thieves (!!!), the wild horse that only the new girl can tame (why is this horse always black?) and so much drama. Oh the drama. I can’t believe I am wasting so much time on this dumb show. Don’t think I wasn’t sucked into Heartland too.

In actual riding news, last week I got to ride a newer school horse, Hank. Isn’t that the best name ever? He is a Hungarian Warmblood TB cross who spent the last few years in a field while his person was in school. It became clear that he needed a job so to school horse life he went.

HANK!!!!!! I just want to smoosh his face and stuff this sweet guy full of cookies.

He is super unfit, SUPER sweet, and actually has some really correct and nice training on him. We mainly worked on keeping him truly in front of the leg and staying light and uphill with many walk breaks as he got tired and subsequently tried to fall on the forehand and let me just hold him up. While he was as much effort to ride as Max normally is, the big difference between them is attitude. Well and size. And gaits. So yeah, attitude.  Max is a bit of a bully and boy he is going to make you work for every stride, while Hank is just a total doll and just isn’t fit enough to really hold himself correctly yet, but if you ask him to soften or yield or move forward he is so willing, just can’t hold it that long yet. What a good boy. Every week I find myself just getting off the horse after my lesson grinning like an idiot, regardless of how sloppy I still feel in the saddle or how difficult the lesson was. Horses. Best drug out there.

4 thoughts on “How did I fall down this rabbit hole?

    • Well I watched the entire season even though no one was forcing me and I had the entire rest of Netflix or Hulu I could have perused sooo you could say I was entertained haha.


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