Planning ahead

I have some fun stuff coming up on the calendar in the next few weeks.

Next weekend, July 6-9 I am going as groom/assistant to Whidbey Island HT for my wonderful friend and her lovely mare, who isn’t so thrilled about the portable stalls and needs lots of handwalking!

Then on August 5th and 6th I am going to tag along with Sheri and her horses to the Lincoln Creek back to back one day events. These are some of my favorite schooling shows in the area for a couple reasons. First, the one day format on Saturday and then again on Sunday. Perfect for if you want to try out a new level you can go intro, or BN on the first day and then if that goes well you can move up on the second day. Or if you or the horse are just green and need more miles it’s super helpful to be able to just perfect/work on things that didn’t go so well from day one on day two, or even drop down a level on the second day if you need to. Plus at this venue there is no eliminating. As long as you allow others to pass you on course you can have pretty much unlimited refusals or even skip jumps and it’s not an issue. You’ll have obscene penalties but as long as you don’t appear to be a danger no one will pull you off course. Sheri will be riding her main mount Donny and the big red dude Wake will be tagging along as a non compete so we don’t have to find horse care at home!

But most exciting of all is J and I have had a few discussions and we have put a tentative date on when Phoebe comes home! She will stay through August and in a few weeks if she is going well I will start heading up there for some lessons on her and at the end of August we will start planning on how best to transition her home!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Planning ahead

    • The back to back shows are the best! I’ve even done some where I did the dressage and stadium at one level and then when stadium was a total train wreck they let me go down a level for xc the same day. The management there is super accommodating and flexible which is just awesome.


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