M is for MAX!

My second lesson on the little man was much improved, at least on my part then our first lesson. Last week I was with a very young girl who was a pretty rank beginner so my head pretty much was on a swivel making sure I gave her plenty of space since steering and gait changes weren’t quite solid with her yet!

After lesson and sponge down grainfoods. This barn has a pretty strict policy about undersaddle media so sadly I won’t have much actual riding pictures/video of the dude.

This week I was happy to find out my lesson mates were two adult women who were extremely nice. They were also pretty new to riding however were much more in control of their mounts and aware of the rest of us. That makes everything so so much easier since I didn’t need to be so aware of where they were going. I swear, after riding in a smaller ring in group lessons and a few boarders riding on their own there is no warm up ring that’s too chaotic for me.

Some takeaways from this week:

-I wore spurs. Last week I was working WAY too hard and I am not about to make this dude any more dull to the leg then he already can be. Spurs are my friend here.

-My fitness is getting better! Last week I needed to take a lot more walk breaks which just made me feel super pathetic because like, come on, a 45 minute lesson should NOT be that hard to get through. And this time it wasn’t!! Super happy about that and I am encouraged to keep up the running/eating better.

-Max bulges to the right A LOT. Like A LOT. He is also a total bear about cantering to the right. My instinct is to go to my inside leg and rein to correct the bulge, but he just happily throws both his right shoulder and neck to the inside making a nice turn or straight line very difficult. It is actually pretty helpful for me to ride a horse like this because my instinct is always to go to the inside aids first for things like turning and pace, when really I need to retrain myself to use the outside aids.

It feels so good to be back in regular lessons again and even though I’ve only had two so far I just am so relieved to have my longtime mentor’s eyes on me as I get my skills back.

2 thoughts on “M is for MAX!

    • She’s an eccentric woman to say the least. You’re allowed to take pics and video but anything that’s going to be put online has to be reviewed and okayed first so they can control the public image I guess? Idk the barn is extremely casual so I’m not sure what the policy is really about. But I figure the horse doesn’t belong to me, he’s owned by a minor and I’ll just follow the rules in this case. It is strange though


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