A little more conversation

Since this is my first foray into having a horse in full training at a barn that’s “away” from me it got me thinking on what is normal in terms of communication from the trainer and what is either above and beyond or falling wildly short.

Currently I am super happy with how and how often J is communicating with me. In the beginning I got more pictures and near daily updates via text, now that Phoebe is good and settled my updates are more once a week unless something odd is happening. Such as a lost shoe (fingers crossed we are DONE with that nonsense) or her more recent chiro/acupuncture updates.

Miss that scarred nose and the classic Phoebe “who, me?” face.

So certainly more is better (at least for me) in terms of communication FROM the trainer. But what about communication from the client end? I mean yeah, we all obviously care a great deal about our horses and they are our babies. Are you a helicopter parent? More laissez-faire? How do you balance the desire for ALL THE INFORMATION with realizing that your pro also has other clients, students, and personal horses demanding their time and attention as well? Certainly this is simpler when you are at the barn at least weekly and can have a quick face to face with your trainer. While Phoebe is only an hour and a half away, it’s been difficult for me to make time to get up and see her on the weekends, and J isn’t there on weekends normally anyways so it’s a moot point.

You could just relax like Jack the wonder dog. Life is so much easier when you’ve got that zen happening Phoebes.

However little Miss is back in work and her first day after a little over two weeks off was reported to be like “flying a kite and a tornado” hahaha. That’s my girl for you. She’s gonna be a 5-6 rides a week horse for the forseeable future. She has settled back into the routine and fingers crossed that J has no more head injuries, not even mild ones!


6 thoughts on “A little more conversation

  1. While Dante was at the colt starter I’ve been pretty relaxed about communication to D. I’ve actually been a way more laidback client since I put Carlos down. I used to text my old trainer all the time asking after Carlos.


  2. i was a little helicopterish with barn mgmt when charlie was new at the barn. generally tho i’m either out to see him every day or will shoot the mgmt a text if i’m not coming so they know to turn him out or whatever. or if i’m going out of town i just let them know when i’ll be back and that i trust their judgement to do whatever, tho they’re pretty good about letting me know if something crops up anyway


    • It’s so nice to have people you can trust! But yeah I can totally understand being more of a helicopter in a new place until you get to know the routine and all that.


  3. Imho, most trainer/client issues with training come from different expectations. Obviously, with the 1.5 hour drive to get there, you can’t be on site every day. I’m glad you’ve found a communication level you’re comfortable with. I tend towards the neurotic updates-every-ride side of things, but that’s an individual thing. 🙂


    • So true about the differing expectations! I’d love a novel detailing every single ride but know that’s just not realistic and also could get super boring. How many times can you tell someone that you wtc, and your horse kept being good despite its anxiety hahaha


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