Grabby hands

Do you ever get like this serious urge to just like SHOP.

No rhyme or reason, nothing really on the need list but still. The wants. I have them. I fear if I buy even the most inexpensive item on my list it will just open the floodgates and in like ten minutes I will have no money but I will have so many new pretties to use/look at.

I am currently lusting over:

PS of Sweden softy supergrip reins

I have two of their bridles and only one pair of reins. This is unacceptable. I love these reins, they are the perfect width for my hands, grippy without being sticky and they are nice and flexible! Naturally I need 2 pairs because, one for my PS of Sweden bridle with crappy $20 webbed reins and a spare. Who doesn’t need spare reins???

BlackJak Refinery Browbands

I have no fancy browbands. This needs to be remedied. I can’t even decide which one I want the most. Do I want to go rainbow? Or rainbow? Something slightly badass for my mare who is best described as a nervous marshmallow? Or just channel the world’s best tack ho Aimee and get them all? Obviously the last option here is the best.

Le Mieux Saddle Pads

I loved the shaped xc pads, currently have no use for them, but who cares. In black, to match the color of my heart. I don’t really care for white pads on grey horses, mainly because it just serves to point out how I failed at grooming them.

Unicorn shoes

There is no explanation necessary here. They are shoes. With unicorns. I can wear them to the office. I can wear them on the weekends. They’re clearly a neutral and will match everything I own.

Lisa Frank Leggings

They’re hideous and I love them. Ok so maybe I am not so secretly in love with all the pink and rainbow and unicorns and all the other 9 year old girl stuff. Don’t even care. I’m unashamed. To be clear I wouldn’t spend this much on unicorn leggings. I mean maybe I would. Idk. Undecided.

Sunset Rope Halters and lead

Like this. But as a halter not a bridle.

I have big plans for making Phoebe reasonably safe on the trails when she comes back and they involve trailering out with Sheri’s super calm trail horse Donny and I’ll hand walk Phoebes behind in a rope halter (control ok??). This rope halter will be pink. And maybe purple.

KY Bridleworks Leather halter

While I am off buying halters I may as well get a fancy schmancy leather one for all the shows and clinics and just general elegance in our future. I already have a nameplate ready and waiting.

Pampeano Belt

I am currently in the camp of only buying C4 belts on sale (cheap, easy and i love them) So a leather belt in this price range seems like the pinnacle of luxury to me. I love it. It’s going on my Christmas list.


Oh and if anyone knows of a pink lightweight cooler to be had….like a summer weight cooler that’s good quality… That’s also on my list.


4 thoughts on “Grabby hands

  1. i was so sad to have to sell my ps softy reins by they were wayyyyyy too short for sir charles of long neck. that le mieux pad is great tho – mine is in navy and i loves loves loves it.

    also i’m fairly certain that there are a couple tutorials floating around blog land on how to DIY those rope halters. i know liz from in omnia paratus knows how, tho i’m not sure she’s written it out.


    • Yeah you need longer reins for that brontosaurus you own. Also it’s a pain to ship from Sweden though maybe now you can get them at other retailers? Ooh yes I could learn to make my own rope halter and then just be able to 100% customize it


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