All quiet on the Western front

Not a ton to report while J has been out of commission doing some very important healing.

Phoebe had a chiro and acupuncture appointment with the vet her training barn uses and they had some great feedback for me. The vet thinks Phoebe is SUPER athletic  and some of her issues are simply a lack of strength (to be expected) combined with huge movement that she can’t yet control. She also has weak stifles so she can’t sit and use her hind end leg properly.

Buffy the Egg Layer and Sunny in the hayloft. Buff likes to hang out up there daily and while she has no problem walking UP the stairs she can’t or won’t walk DOWN the stairs so she just waits for someone to carry her down.

Phoebe is also body sore on the left side (see: only wants to canter right) along with zero mobility up and down in her sacrum/coccyx. None of this is entirely new information but it’s always nice to have a practitioner you haven’t used before give feedback that is in line with what you know to be true about your horse.

I miss seeing this goober face every day more then I expected. 

Chiropractic manipulation is not new to Phoebes but acupuncture is and she DID. NOT. LIKE. THE. NEEDLES. They ended up having to use cat sized needles and going very slowly haha. We will do a recheck in 4-6 weeks and see where Little Miss is at that point. Here’s hoping she holds her adjustment as long as possible!

6 thoughts on “All quiet on the Western front

  1. Aww poor Phoebe didn’t like the needles?!? Glad the practitioner had smaller ones to use, but cmon silly horse it’s supposed to feel GOOD! Hopefully she feels better asap!


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