Sunny and the new world order

Well, as mentioned in this post, there have been some changes around the homestead for me and the chubby pup.

A lot less of this going on for both of us

Treat consumption is limited (both human and canine), and walks are on the increase. now its time to rip off the bandaid and start running again. Sunny is pretty clear how she feels about this.


How quickly she (and I!!) lose steam…

It is VERY slow going currently. Two and a half miles of walk/run intervals is about it. So I guess that means I can only go up? Here’s to inching my way back to ten mile shape.

4 thoughts on “Sunny and the new world order

    • Thanks! I agree she is the cutest! It’s not always a good thing because she’s both little and so cute which makes me a bad dog mom by letting her get away with bad manners like begging and jumping on people!


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