State of the union

This is copy/pasted from an update from J regarding Phoebes


Checking out the outdoor for the first time.

I have a pretty good feel for who she is at this point. I don’t know you as a rider… But essentially if she were mine I would say that she still needs quite a bit of bodywork. The more she works the more she struggles with picking up the left lead and keeping it. I think she’s a little body sore from the work and learning how to use herself and finding that it’s physically very difficult. If she was mine I would say I had a lot of reconditioning and slow desensitization work ahead of me and that she would be ready to take out and show next year. But definitely not this year. For you that timeline might be longer?

Good pony!

I think she will absolutely event. She seeks out the fences. She had never seen these barrels before and had zero hesitation in jumping them. She jumps fantastic and will have a lot of scope. I suspect she will be will be a 3’6″-4 foot horse.


This is her clean side.

I think that anxiety will stick around for years. I think you’re literally looking at 3 to 4 years before you feel like you have a really solid horse that you can trust 100%. But I do think that given the amount of time with a relationship you’ll get there. And in the long run you’re going to have something super special! Just information to have for planning for her future 🙂

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