But… this one is my FAVORITE lead…

Little Miss has decided to show us all how one sided she really is, haha. J has reported that the left lead is the one she struggles the most with, and before the first video Phoebe had given her best left lead canter yet. Then once the camera came out it was all.. Huh? left lead what? No, Phoebe only canter RIGHT lead!

She tends to have one decent left canter in her, then if she gets tired she will refuse to pick up the left lead until she gets a walk break. Part of this is probably just her normal crookedness and lack of strength, part is probably she still needs more reconditioning from her rehab. She is on the schedule for a chiro appointment and in the meantime is just being carefully managed to not make her too sore with her workload.



3 thoughts on “But… this one is my FAVORITE lead…

  1. when i first started with charlie post-track, his right lead could be elusive. that passed, and we moved into a phase of *serious* left lead issues. like whoa. he similarly would eventually acquiesce once… but then would be real pissed if i asked again. that phase also passed. most recently we went through another right lead problem, where he’d have the lead on the flat warm up, but once we started jumping he didn’t want to pick it up any more (tho he lands right like 80% of the time, so go figure). honestly for some of these green horses, esp the ottbs, i think they just go through physical training stages and the leads kinda get wrapped up in that.


    • She’s been off the track for two years now but yeah I agree, they just go through a lot of changes and with that comes resistance. Just gotta be mindful about when and how much to push.


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