A Weekend Visit From the Poop Fairy

The farm is really only set up for three horses, but for a variety of reasons over the past year there has been at least one extra horse rounding it out to an even four.

While not totally ideal space wise (only three stalls) the barn chore workload increase with an extra horse is hardly noticeable. However the…..compost……situation on the farm has been overflowing lately. Normally we are able to wait until late summer when the county rents out their manure spreader to empty out the compost bays. Except this year with an additional horse we increased our volume enough so that waiting a few more months was just not an option. AND the county doubled the cost as well as added several more hoops to jump through in order to rent the spreader.

Enter our neighbor, Mr. B. I get home from work on Friday and he is here on his street legal tractor (with turn signals) and spent most of Friday and Saturday making trips back and forth, taking ALL the manure. All of it. He even sweeps the bays and folds our tarps. Mr B. uses the compost for his enormous fruit and veggie garden, and he then donates all the produce to the local food bank. Man is a saint.

It’s so beautiful. I nearly cried when we had to put the first wheelbarrow in.

5 thoughts on “A Weekend Visit From the Poop Fairy

  1. ha that’s awesome! a lot of farms i’ve worked at before had “free manure” signs out front, and would get people of all types coming to collect ‘compost.’ from the suburban gardeners who brought muck tubs or trash cans to fill for their private gardens, to the bigger operations that brought dump trucks haha. it’s pretty amazing, that thing that say about one man’s garbage….


    • Sadly we are like this tiny island farm surrounded by houses. In an HOA with rules so no signs allowed. And no kidding about one mans garbage, haha! It helps grow some awesome tomatoes and zucchinis though!


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