Too hot (hot damn)

I briefly mentioned Wake earlier, the big baby OTTB my friend/barn owner/landlord picked up this winter with a very small but still fresh bow. So the big red dude spent some quality time in a stall with daily handwalks and now some limited saddle time at the walk.

Wake, JC name Air Missile. Looking very cute in his sale ad.

Now the dude is generally a very mellow and easy-going horse for a 4 year old OTTB, however he has one very very bad habit. He ALWAYS tries to bite the lead rope while being handwalked, or even biting the reins while being ridden. I don’t need to tell you why this is such a bad habit. I am sure we can all imagine a hundred different ways in which a horse having the reins in his mouth while being ridden can go horribly wrong.

Now while I am the designated ground person I am able to pull the reins out but I can’t always be on the ground right next to him. He needs to cut that out and it needs to happen now. So Sheri and I went to consult the google and see what we could come up with.

I found an old thread in the Horse and Hound forums that recommended making a sort of paste with cayenne and Vaseline and smearing it on any surface to discourage cribbing or chewing. So that is how an old pair of reins got smeared with the spicy goo and we pissed off the happy boy.


Mad face. Also yes, we wore rubber gloves. Nobody wants to smear cayenne on something, then forget and rub your eye. 

It’s been about a week with the “don’t bite me” reins and Wake hasn’t tried to put them in his mouth a single time.

The only times he puts his ears back. Sorry buddy. You can earn back the good boy reins one day soon.

Megan-1 Wake-0.



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