Still not where we started from

I found the only video I was sent of Phoebe via text, and then I had to basically make a decision without the opportunity to ask any questions. Obviously I took a gamble….still waiting to see how it pays off… or doesn’t. Ha!

Watching it is hard. She looks so cute. Green for sure, but just steady and calm. A cute jumper, doesn’t make a last minute bid at the jumps, a decent mover. She looks like a nice enough horse. I knew she was a rehab project but I just wish I had been able to get her back to this point during the year I have had her.

Oh well, that sort of ruminating is pointless because she is what she is and rehab takes as long as it takes. It also doesn’t speed up the process when you take into account that Phoebe is a worrier, and her little hamster brain was pretty fried when she came to me.

At least this video proves a decent pony is in there somewhere. I just need to be patient and keep all fingers and toes crossed that she can get back to this.

8 thoughts on “Still not where we started from

  1. i’m pretty much convinced that all horses are a gamble, always, no matter what. sometimes we kinda just have to go with our guts even when there isn’t much info to go on! she looks like a nice horse in that video!


  2. Bahahaha, way to go. P likes to try to catch and chew the noseband when I bridle him, so while I’ve become quite adept at dodging his mouth, I’m definitely going to try this.


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