Au revoir Misses Poopers

But not like the FINAL goodbye. Alley Oops, aka Misses Poopers, aka Poops, aka Poopy Pants is leaving the farm after a few months. She was here on vacation/babysitting duty for Wake, an ottb who belongs to Sheri. He came off the track with a minor bow in January and needed a buddy during his stall rest. Poops performed her duties with her usual joie de vivre. By that I mean genuine disdain for any type of activity that was not:

A – Eating

B – Squealing and pinning her ears and making other threatening faces at Wake. Out of love. She has trouble expressing her emotions, ok?

Poopers is a former lesson pony, one which I spent quite a bit of time riding. I can’t say it was super fun because at the time I was unemployed, and as a result spent every day all day at the barn both riding, and working. Since there was a lack of external things in my life that took up time/energy I became pretty laser focused on riding. Miss Poops COULD be a super fun ride. The whole pony package. A nice little dressage pony and really a cute jumper. Total pocket rocket. She could also be… the opposite of those things. Any current or former pony jocks I’m sure are more then familiar with this. I’ll probably talk more about my time riding her some other day. Suffice it to say there were multiple schooling shows where we had more stops then there were jumps on course (thank you low key schooling shows that just let you finish the course as long as you allow others to pass you).  There was a lot of love hate love hate LOVE HATE LOVE HATE love love hate love hate love hate HATE going on between us.



Sometimes we did this


And then there was also a lot of this


Dear god how did I even stay on?

Having her at home though, it’s been so different. I am not in the same headspace (must improve as a rider OR ELSE) and I am also not really riding her other then the occasional bareback jaunt. I can appreciate her so much more now and am entertained by all the nonsense antics instead of being unreasonably frustrated by them. Looking back though it was a privilege getting my daily dose of humble pie served gleefully by that cute face and I am sad to see her go. Such a gift to learn from a delightfully obstinate creature. If I were in a position to keep that spawn of Satan masquerading as the world’s cutest pony and just stuff her full of Jolly Ranchers and carrots for her remaining years I would in a heartbeat.

Enjoy semi retirement Miss Poopy Pants. I hope you whoever gets to take you on trail rides and light hacks is given as much sass and disdain as ever.


Best worst pony ever.

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