My name is Megan and I am a candy-holic

While Phoebe is away learning how to be a good pony I am at home doing……

Nothing. I have been doing nothing.


Just like I’m doing here, sitting on that monster pony, just taking my fitness for granted like a fool.

In case you were wondering that is NOT the ideal way to better your riding skills or general athletic ability. Eventing is a partnership, as in two. If I expect my horse to be fit enough to do her job then I damn well better be fit enough to HELP her when she needs it. At the bare minimum I need to be fit enough to stay in balance and stay out of her way while she figures stuff out. Core strength anyone?



Oh those days where you could see the shadow of my quad through my breeches. Gone. Those days are gone.

Back in 2011 when I was unemployed I spent all day every day at the barn. Mucking 12 stalls, 10 good sized paddocks, feeding around 18 horses, and riding 3-5. Every day. I was also running maybe 20 miles a week give or take? Whatever, I was fit. It was a great way to avoid the depths of despair unemployment can bring.

Anyways, fast forward 6 years, 2 desk jobs, 1 breakup from an alcoholic, 2 moves and hitting 32, suddenly I find myself *gulp* 40 lbs heavier.

Slowly gaining….also come on Megan, for god’s sake SIT UP YOU ARE RIDING A DRESSAGE TEST

Ummmmmm. Guys. I can’t even zip up my Tredstep wide calf boots. This is not ideal. Weight gain aside, obviously I have lost significant muscle mass (I replaced it with candy weight ok??). My balance in the saddle is totally different. I have boobs now. They’re brand new to me. What are you even supposed to do with these things?

Bigger still. But I am at least sitting back? Though in a jump saddle…. and my hands are in my crotch. Facepalm. I have much work to do.

I realize in the grand scheme of things I went from very thin to average weight. However I was fighting fit and now I am decidedly… not. That needs to change. I am investing all this time and money into turning Phoebe into an eventer, I need to invest the same time into myself as well. Put up or shut up and all that. I have the hours and Phoebe is in excellent hands, I need to get back running, eating better (goodbye candy, I’ll miss you) and stretching.

Unrelated, my dog has also gained roughly the same percentage of weight. She is my running buddy. Was my running buddy. Will be my running buddy again.

7 thoughts on “My name is Megan and I am a candy-holic

  1. ugh but i know that feel tho…i’m only just now starting to feel my riding strength really truly coming back. like, the muscle memory has more or less been there. but the actual strength? yea. ugh. it’s taken forever haha. and that’s saying nothing about more generalized fitness… anyway good luck!


  2. Ah yes, totally with ya. I started crossfit after having kid #2 and not riding for almost a year. I fully believe that is the only reason I’ve been able to stick to P when he does his pogo stick impression or 180 spooks.


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