And how many shoes can YOUR horse lose in a month?

Please no one play this game with me. Not because I really don’t like to lose (I don’t) but because the answer is five. I just can’t bring myself to wish that kind of nonsense on anyone.

Five shoes. In one month.

Seems excessive, no? She lost the left front three times (that’s her pawing foot) and each hind once. She lives 24/7 in bell boots on all four. Phoebe isn’t generally a nut in turnout so what in the holy hell is she doing??? Little Miss also seems to delight in pulling off/eating through her bell boots and flinging them around. I pretty much have added new bell boots to every SmartPak order (side note: do you think that they could add them on auto reorder every month?). Bell boots on subscription. That’s what it’s come to.

Is this what Phoebe is doing in turnout??? Is it???????

Joke’s on Phoebe though, her training barn has the farrier out constantly so she has yet to miss a day of work.

Sooooo if anyone has any genius ideas that I can accomplish from a distance (like bell boot recommendations? Using four bells per hoof?? Some kind of magical glue that probably doesn’t exist and would be a terrible thing to use anyways?) I am seriously OPEN to hearing them.


8 thoughts on “And how many shoes can YOUR horse lose in a month?

  1. Toe clips? P was losing shoes right and left…then the farrier added toe clips and voila! He’s maybe pulled a shoe twice in the last year and a half or so.

    Welcome to blogger land! Phoebe looks like she’s going to be a super nice horse with some time! And good luck staying sane with a grey (laughs maniacally)!


    • Omg does yours also enjoy sliding into mud face first and using manure as a pillow???? My farrier was anti clips for a reason I can’t remember but maybe it’s time to revisit the idea…

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      • I was anti-clips also because I’ve seen the cases where the horses have torn off chunks of their hooves…but P was losing so many shoes and my farrier was like, “Please?” And voila, over a year now with clips and there have been no issues and very few shoes lost.


  2. My friend swore by farriers formula as a supplement. It’s expensive but apparently works for growing a hoof that can be better about things like holding a shoe


    • Oh interesting! I’ve used that on my last horse but never even considered it for Phoebe because the quality of her hoof is so much better then Joeys. I don’t think I can get it through smartpak but maybe there’s something similar I can use at least until she’s home and I am the one doing all the feeding


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