“I think there’s hope”


I had been on total pins and needles waiting to hear how the remainder of the week went and was only mildly panicking on how I was going to transport my horse back home (don’t own a trailer/truck) and then get her a spot at the cowboy J recommended. Not to mention I had already convinced myself Phoebe was doomed to forever be a feral rodeo horse and dear god what was I gonna do with THAT.


Luckily my fears were unwarranted.

I got reports saying things like “she never mentally checked out on me even though she was really bucking on the lunge today, I think there’s hope” and “superstar!”

Being pretty is so hard

With the assistance of a working student J has been starting some under saddle work and just taking it super cautiously slow. Better to build up a bunch of positive experiences under saddle doing the most basic stuff then try to push it and have one bad experience at this point.


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