Phoebe: making good first impressions

Phoebers got dropped off Easter weekend to big girl school while her trainer to be, J, was competing at Twin Rivers in CA.

The plan was to drop her off, let her settle in a few days and then she would have her first session the Tuesday after and J would just kind of assess where Little Miss was and we would make a tentative plan going forward from there. The last thing I’m interested in doing is trying to hit certain training milestones or goals by some arbitrary timeline. My horse is young, she’s coming back from some body and mental funk, with her the slow way is gonna be the fast way, you know?

Who me? Need extra time? I only need cookies!

Sounds reasonable right?


On day one of training I get a text from J saying “can you give me a call today when you get a chance?”

Oh god.

J asked if Phoebe had ever been ridden before. Used the words “feral rodeo horse”. Um yes, she raced 7 times, had 90 days “training” with her previous owner and I had ridden her myself a handful of times.

She knows how to be ridden.

Apparently Phoebe did not demonstrate any of this knowledge on day one at school. J had some concerns about keeping her in training because she no longer breaks babies and is not interested in riding a horse that (at least that day) seemed possibly dangerous. I can’t argue with that. I do NOT want anyone riding or handling my horse to get injured and I respect that J called me right away to discuss it. She gave me the name of local cowboy who breaks babies and has a great reputation as someone who produces calm and reasonable mounts.

Ultimately we decided to tentatively chalk day one up as first day jitters and to proceed with training sessions for a week or so and see how Phoebe behaved going forward. I told J that it was 100% her call if she felt comfortable actually sitting on Phoebe or if she deemed lunging/groundwork to be more appropriate on any given day.

And that’s how Phoebe almost got kicked out of full training after one session.

4 thoughts on “Phoebe: making good first impressions

  1. Hm these posts have piqued my interest bc they are all written about past events so I’m wondering what the “big reveal” will be – hopefully phoebe has put her rodeo days behind her!


    • Ha! I don’t have some sort of big reveal yet as she is still away in training but you could say that there is still progress happening in the right direction!


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