Oh, P.S. Phoebe can buck.

I cannot overstate this.




On one hand, like, yay? She’s clearly feeling so good to be able to do that kinda thing?


On the other hand. Damnit.

I don’t consider myself to be any kind of wunderkind but I am a pretty competent rider. And I can stick a lot of stuff. Never having owned my own horse previously it was sort of a beggars can’t be choosers so I would and did ride anything. All of this to say, it takes a fair amount to get me on the ground.

Except little miss lawn darted me three times. First time she spooked at something, she hadn’t been back under saddle that long and was still feeling not so great. She spooked, bucked, I was unseated and when my butt hit the saddle she BUCKED. Lawn dart #1 ended with a little trip to urgent care to clean gravel out of my elbow.

Lawn dart #2 I am not really sure what the trigger was. It was a few months after the first “episode” and I was stupidly riding at home alone. Just like before I was too winded, in pain and just not about to get back on especially with nobody at the house. So Phoebe got lunged because bucking is not ok and I do NOT want her to learn that bucking Megan off means work is over.

Lawn dart #3 I was not alone, Sheri was my ground person, and I asked for the canter and away we went. Bucking that is, not so much cantering. I hung on for a few then hit the dirt, caught my breath, and even though my back was starting to spasm I got back on and had Sheri lead me around at the walk for a few minutes.

So at that point the path forward was clear. I obviously could not ride through her bucking. I was doing everything in my power to ensure that all physical issues were being addressed. The more times I fell the more nervous I became, which we all know is just picked up and amplified by our four legged partners. Phoebe was also learning that if she was done there was a really easy way to get out of working.

All loaded up!

And that is how Phoebe earned an open ended ticket to big girl school. AKA bootcamp. AKA full training at a great facility about an hour and a half north of me. Time for the pros to take over.


Wait, are you just gonna leave me here? Yes. Yes I am. 

2 thoughts on “Oh, P.S. Phoebe can buck.

    • Yeah I can think of other things I’d rather do…..I feel zero shame about putting my hand up and calling in the pros for certain things and this is one of them!


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