Well, am I ever going to ride my horse?

Short answer? Duh. For me that is the whole point of having one. Not to say that I don’t enjoy just being around horses, but…an expensive creature to have as a pet, no?

I let Phoebes just relax and be massaged and eat for a few months then I decided it was time. At some point you just have to get over yourself and sit on the damn horse. I spent a week or so doing some easy lunging in just a halter, both to get an idea of her soundness (physical and mental) as well as to leg her up a bit/get back in the working mindset. Since I rent out a mother in law on my friend’s farm I am pretty lucky to have a knowledgeable ground person to help with stuff like this!

Her first between the ears photo. I love it so much just for that fact alone. Proof I rode her.

I moved pretty slowly, (can you ever move too slowly in this type of situation though?) and started with just getting on and off while Sheri (farm owner and ground person extraordinaire) held her head. Then in a day or so we graduated to being led at the walk around the arena, and next walking around on my own.

So blurry. But! Look who can be ridden in really dim lighting in the winter!!

Things sort of ticked along at a snails pace, we were walking, trotting, going over trot poles, all with relative relaxation. Relative. There were a few times when riding had to pause (my sister’s out of town wedding, some lost shoes…) but in general I was feeling fairly okay about it all. My horse was sound, her pelvis kept improving, and best of all I got the “Phoebe is now showing tension patterns consistent with an uninjured horse so you could say she is no longer in rehab and is now just a green horse” from the beloved Auntie Jean.

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