Bodywork… and some more bodywork

Since Phoebe was (and still is a little) a bit of a physical train wreck the first thing I wanted to start with was massage.

Chicken not part of the massage. But gold stars to pony who didn’t even flinch as Big D jumped up and just stood there for a while.

Like a lot of it. The amazing Auntie Jean was coming out every other week for a session for quite some time. Sounds like overkill for a horse I wasn’t even riding but I am of the mind that if you are going to do something then you do it right and you do it right the first time. We are our horses stewards and if you aren’t willing to really take on that role then you probably shouldn’t own one.


She mostly got a combo of myofascial release and kinesiotaping to change the angle of her pelvis, along with the myriad of other compensatory muscle tightness that likely stemmed from that hind end.

Was not kidding about the amount of kinesiotape. She had even more around her poll this session.

Along with session notes (which I seriously LOVE and find so valuable) Auntie Jean gives homework in the form of gentle stretches and turnout/light work recommendations. Let me tell you I FOLLOW THESE. As in every time I pull Phoebes out of her stall she gets stretched. Every. Time. Part of this is because I want to give her the best chance I can, and part of it is I am paying for a service. A service that can only do so much for my horse unless I am also putting in the work to help develop the correct posture and get the tension to LET GO ALREADY. I am on a shoestring budget as it is and I just don’t see a point to dump a ton of money into body work if I am not going to do simple stretches in order to maximize the benefits.


2 thoughts on “Bodywork… and some more bodywork

  1. That tape is intense! I hope it’s helping!! I definitely like taking a holistic approach to my horse as well – these ottbs esp need all the help they can get in transitioning their body to a new lifestyle.


    • Oh they so do! And Phoebe I think in general is just so worried about all of it that the more time and help I can give, all the better. I find the tape mostly helps prolong the releases from the massage. Some pieces are to help shorten muscles that have been too long and others are to help aid in a release of tension/stretching support kinda way.


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