So now what?

Well, I had myself a barely 4 year old OTTB mare. Who was seriously body sore, and who may never have had any true letdown time since coming off the track. She also had a gaping surface wound on her knee reportedly from having a special moment too close to her plastic feeder that required daily irrigation for a week or so. Good thing my barn owner is an x-ray tech and brings home syringes, betadine, sterile gauze, chlorhexidine wash, all kinds of goodies from the hospital. Phoebes was doctored up in no time!

The next few months were spent just being a horse. You know, learning about life on a backyard farm, gaining weight and in general trying to figure out what kind of horse I had picked up and what in the world I was going to do with her.


April 2016-A month after Phoebe came home. Clearly tight and sucked up, underweight, and wtf is going on in that hind end?

June 2016-Starting to fill out and untuck that pelvis


September 2016-Looking filled out and butt high

Why eat the hay when you can just roll in it?


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