Let’s start at the very beginning…

After decades of begging, borrowing, and stealing rides on other people’s horses I was finally in the position to buy my own, so horse shop I did. I tried maybe half a dozen horses, had my trainers look at countless sales videos, ended up vetting three candidates and finally bought one. Then within six months the wheels feel off and it became clear my sweet simple Joey would not be my event horse, he at best would be a trail/companion horse for someone.

Joey, JC name Cotton Moon-the literal cutest

Throughout his ordeal I had invested a lot of time having bodywork done on him by the amazing Auntie Jean. She happened to have a client who was looking to give away a young OTTB that needed some rehab and did I want her. Of course I did what any sane person who had just spent an ungodly amount of money and time on trying to make a horse sound would. A few weeks, some strange text messages, and a little barn reconfiguring later I brought her home. (Side note: picking up a free horse after seeing  a 60 second video with no vetting, not even a flex test is insanely stupid. Don’t be like me.)

Phoebe. Nervous baby.

Enter Phoebe. JC name Pretty Adieu, a 2012 gray mare who was in serious need of some TLC. She is much younger then my ideal, the absolute LAST color I would have chosen, and you know. A mare. Anybody with eyes can see she has some seriously funky stuff going on in her hind end and that pelvis angle…. yikes. Her previous owner had picked her up as a 3yo from Canter Illinois, put her in a straight load bumper pull with the wrong hitch and then drove her up to Mt Vernon, WA. So yeah, two and a half days sitting on your ass in a trailer will do that. She was also walking by slapping her legs down like you would if you just ran a marathon. But despite her worried face she was extremely sweet and she was mine.

That worried look lasted for a few months…

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